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Pathfinder Dog Agility and Training, LLC

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Hiking With Your Dog


Strengthening the bond of communication and building a strong relationship with your dog through games and reward based training.


Our dogs are part of our families and throughout our lives with them our relationship grows and blossoms. Agility and games are fun ways to help build the bond between you and your dog and enhance your relationship with each other. 

Pathfinder wants to help you connect and grow with your dog, all while having fun. From the sport of agility, hiking or learning together with your dog, Pathfinder is committed to helping you succeed at home or in a competitive agility environment.

Pathfinder Agility and Dog Training offers you everything from a taste of beginning agility to advanced training for the serious competitor, and a number of other classes focusing on relationship building such as classes on hiking and recreating with your dogs, training a perfect recall, as well as providing access to supervised play groups, behavioral advice and obedience training. 

Private lessons for agility, behavioral issues and basic training or manners are also available. 

Let me help you build a better life for you and your dog! Contact me today to get started!