About The Trainer


Meet the Dog Trainer at Pathfinder Agility:


Natasha Osborn

Natasha With Spring, Bounder, Frog, Elf and Kestrel On St Mary's Peak

Natasha With Spring, Bounder, Frog, Elf and Kestrel On St Mary's Peak

Natasha founded Pathfinder Agility in July of 2011 to help teach people how to help build a strong lifetime relationship and bond with their canine partners and to enhance communication through the fun sport of agility. 

Natasha has developed classes to provide a full spectrum of dog training, obedience, agility, hiking safety and etiquette with dogs, games, tricks, play groups and more. Utilizing only reward based training and force-free methods, Natasha focuses on building a lifelong, cohesive, trusting partnership between owners and their dogs.

Natasha has extensively studied and researched dog behavior and body language and has spent 25 years as a Certified Veterinary Technician. Owning and living with wolf hybrids, Denali and Brumby also gave Natasha deep insight in to dog behavior and set her on a path to build exceptional bonds and relationships with her dogs. 

Natasha became involved in the canine sport of Agility in 2000, and now trains and competes with 5 dogs throughout the west. 

When not working, training or traveling to Agility Trials, Natasha can be found on the trails and mountains of Western Montana hiking, biking and horseback riding (with her dogs, of course). She lives in Stevensville, MT with her 5 dogs, 4 cats, and 2 horses.